viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

A couple of good news

First good news is that the New Economics Foundation (NEF) has published the new Happy Planet index (HPI). This is not a happy index itself; this index measures the green eficiency that could provide long and happy lifes for every citizen.

The HPI suggests that the path we have been following is, without exception, unable to deliver all three goals: high life satisfaction, high life expectancy and 'one-planet living'," says Saamah Abdallah, NEF researcher and the report's lead author. "Instead we need a new development model that delivers good lives that don't cost the Earth for all."

Latin American nation tops index ranking countries by ecological footprint and happiness of their citizens.

This news by The Guardian.

The second one is that a leading arm of the United Nations working to spread the benefits of information technology today announced the launch of the first ever tuition-free online university.

Since opening enrollment in April, the People has attracted more than 750 applicants spanning 97 countries.

In recognition of this initiative, the Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID) hosted a briefing at the United Nations Headquarters to announce our world-renowned Advisory Committee and Chair of the Business Administration Department.

This news by the University of the People website.

This news by the UNESCO website.