miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008


Dear all,

In January I received Jens Galschiot´s e-mail. He is, in my opinion, a true artist whom has acted both conscientiously and succesfully in numerous humane actions. He operates within the framwork of AIDOH (Art In Defense Of Humanization). For example:

- In 2001 AIDOH acted against certain pharmaceutical companies whose actions would have otherwise left some groups of people in South Africa without essential drugs. Link to that campaign

- In 2007 they also launched a strong campain against the fundamentalist branch of the Christian church that does not believe in contraception and sexual education. Link to that campaign

Inkeeping with this, in January of 2008, Jens Galschiot launched a world wide campaign that proposes people to bear/wear something orange during the Beijing Olympic Games 2008: “We will use the colour orange and make it a symbol of the protest against the human rights violations in China”

I hold the belief that this world wide campaign is an important chance for us to bring attention to one of the big irresposibilities in the world today.

Below you will find details of TheColorOrange appeal. I will leave it up to you to decide on whether to assist the campaign.

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